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A training program for ex-offenders
Starting in Autumn 2018, and changing lives forever
In collaboration with King's College, London

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We are a not-for-profit project aiming to train budding entrepreneurs. Our participants are all ex-offenders Changing their lives. The program we are running at King's College, London, is founded on the principles of the "ReMADE project" operated very successfully by Stanford University, USA.

Our team is led by Judge Kameel Khan, and we are joined by a team comprising Professor Elaine Player, James Timpson, Tim Levy, Rowen Bainbridge & Michael Corrigan. Our course participants all have a common characteristic - they are all ex-offenders. This program gives the opportunity of building their future, forever.

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Project ReMADE

Project ReMADE at Stanford is an entrepreneurship training program for formerly incarcerated people. The 12-week program teaches basic business skills to aspiring entrepreneurs and helps them build the social capital necessary to launch and sustain their businesses.

ReMADE entrepreneurs attend bi-weekly classes on topics ranging from accountancy and marketing to negotiations and public speaking. Classes are taught by students from Stanford Law School and Stanford Graduate School of Business. In between every class, ReMADE entrepreneurs meet with their mentor teams, who help them develop their individualized written business plans. Mentor teams comprise one Stanford Law student, one Stanford Graduate School of Business Student and one Silicone Valley Professional.

Each year, the program culminates in a completion ceremony held at Stanford Law School. Entrepreneurs present their business plans before a panel of executives from local micro-development organizations, along with an audience of 150 students and invited guests.

Project ReMAKE

Stanford University has led the way in building futures for ex-offenders who want to change their lives though entrepreneurship.

Our Program, called "Project ReMAKE", is a UK version of the course operated by Stanford. And delivered in with the kind permission of King’s College, London.

The course aims to support ex-offenders into entrepreneurial opportunities.

The UK pilot program is operating in London between September and December 2018, with administration and planning work leading up to the program, and an impact analyst/diagnostic afterwards.

There have been many ex-offender "entrepreneurial courses" over the years, both in the UK and overseas. Most have poor results. An exception is the Project ReMADE program at Stanford. Kameel Khan, a UK judge currently on sabbatical as a Visiting Scholar at the law school at Stanford, has seen the US program at first hand, and is instrumental in bringing the concept to the UK.

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